Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Web updates, the search for a musical director, episode 4, and more!

Its been a while since our last blog post, but that's cause we've been really busy with the show! Also I'm not sure if anyone actually reads these posts. So if you're out there folks, leave a comment and say hi!

In other news - episode 4 is coming along nicely. We are about to enter the special effects stage of post production, and we are currently interviewing candidates for the position of musical director for fucked in space! Will this new member of the Fucked! In SPACE! creative team make the show better and allow us to finish episodes faster? We certainly hope so! I would love to see the show get to a point where we can post episodes once a week, but that's not gonna happen until we can get a proper budget, and a few more people to help with production. Someday perhaps. Some day.

Full episodes are now available on our website! How awesome is that!? We posted them as unlisted videos on youtube. You can share the link with your friends if you want, the point is really just to have a full, uninterrupted version of the show for the website. I already kinda fucked up the unlisted part by accidentally listing the videos as 'public' for a few minutes on youtube. Oops. Thanks anyways to everyone who watched and left comments. Sorry for the confusion. I promise that next time I post something it will actually be a new original video.

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Jay said...

The good news is.IT SUCKS.